What is SnowBusters?

SnowBusters is a volunteer snow removal service for seniors and/or persons with disabilities. The SnowBusters community program matches eligible individuals with volunteers who commit to clearing snow from a residents’ walkway or driveway within 72 hours after each snowfall.

How does the program impact our Community?

SnowBusters volunteers are an essential part of making a life-changing experience for our community, whether you become a SnowBuster or simply help out a neighbour. Help to build a stronger and safer community and create an opportunity for an important connection.

• It helps neighbours remain independent in their homes.
• Helps prevent injuries from slips and falls.
• Promotes community connections and inclusion.
• It’s also great exercise!

Who is eligible to volunteer?

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Teams or Groups*
  • Families*
  • Teens 13-17, with parental consent and support

What will I do as a SnowBuster volunteer?

Clear sidewalks and driveway of snow and ice for a low income senior or person with a disability

How much time do I have to commit?

  • Averages 30-60 minutes per week, depending on the amount of snowfall
  • Snow is unpredictable – you’ll need to have flexibility to shovel within 72 hours after each snowfall


You’ll tell us where in Strathcona County you want to volunteer, and we’ll match you with a residence in that area

What benefits will there be to me as a volunteer?

  • Exercise and time outdoors
  • Knowing you are helping out a neighbour in your community
  • A snazzy SnowBuster toque
  • Reference letters available upon request

Who will benefit from my volunteering?

  • Low income seniors and people with disabilities who need this assistance to live in their home independently
  • Other community members who walk or bike on sidewalks around their neighbourhood

Is this a good opportunity for me?

  • All ages and groups are welcome:
    • If you are under 13, you’ll need to sign up with an adult who will volunteer with you
    • If you are between 13-17 years old, you will need to get your parent or guardian to consent to you volunteering and agree to support your volunteer work
    • If you are 18+, you will need to get a Criminal Record Check (with Vulnerable Sector Check) – available at no cost from the RCMP with a letter from us
    • Groups, Families, and Teams can commit to one or more address together, but must ensure they can self-manage scheduling so that snow removal is completed as needed – please contact us to talk further about whether this could work for your group/family/team

  • You need to be:
    • Physically able to shovel snow
    • Able to commit the time to shovel as needed throughout the winter season
    • Able to work alone 
    • Able to get transportation to the home in the neighbourhood you chose
    • Comfortable communicating with the resident you are assigned to (for example, if you can’t shovel because of illness and need to let the resident know)
    • Able to outfit yourself with appropriate cold weather gear to keep warm and stay safe; the resident will provide snow shovels and ice melt (and some may have a snow blower too)

To volunteer, please fill out our Volunteer Application and send the completed form to Dianna at

Who is eligible to be a client for the program?

To qualify for SnowBusters you must meet the following criteria:

  • Strathcona County Resident.
  • My Net Annual Income does not exceed $31,080 for a single income household or $50,072 for total household income.
  • Physically unable to maintain the property.
  • Are solely responsible for keeping the walks and driveways free of snow. 
  • No persons in the residence that are physically able to maintain property (no children or grandchildren).

To become a Client, please contact us at 780-464-4248 or email

How do I participate in the program?

To Volunteer, please fill out our Volunteer Application and send the completed form to Dianna at

To become a Client, please contact us at 780-464-4248 or email

At Volunteer Strathcona, we envision a community where people look out for each other. Together, we can create a supportive, safe, and connected place to call home.

Disclaimer: All Volunteer Strathcona clients and volunteers agree not to enter into any additional agreements and/or offer additional services, paid or otherwise, outside the scope of their agreement(s) with Volunteer Strathcona. Any clients or volunteers that do not follow this rule will no longer be eligible to participate in any Volunteer Strathcona programs.