Resources for Organizations

Volunteer Strathcona’s Resources

  • Volunteer Connector is your space to post and find volunteer opportunities.
  • Grant Connect makes it effortless for you to find new funding opportunities, organize your prospects, and target your proposals.
  • Our We Care We Share program offers FREE equipment rental for community groups and non-profits to make your event a success!
  • Volunteer Strathcona both provides and shares other organizations learning and networking opportunities.
  • We host a Community of Practice for Volunteer Managers in Strathcona County with quarterly meetings, online networking and sharing of resources. Volunteer Manager who are interested in joining can get in touch with our Program Coordinator Gabriela at

Volunteer Management

Do you or your organization have questions about volunteer management? Volunteer screening? Volunteer job descriptions? 
Contact us today so we can connect you with resources!

Additional Resources

If you are looking to learn more about volunteerism on your own – check out these great websites for resources on everything volunteer:

Regional, Provincial and National Resources

There are many resources available from capacity building organizations right across the country. If you are looking for something you will most likely find it somewhere already!

The Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement courtesy of Volunteer Canada provides voluntary and not-for-profit organizations with suggested values, principles, and standards for effective volunteer practices within organizations. It also includes the Organization Standards Checklist, which will assist organizations to evaluate and improve their volunteer programs.