Community Spotlight: Strathcona County Community Mediation

At Volunteer Strathcona, we love learning about the amazing things being done by volunteers and community organizations in Strathcona County.   In December we caught up with Tara Erickson, Program Director at the Strathcona County Community Mediation program (SCCM), to find out more about their volunteer program and impact in our community. Did you know … Read more

The Gift of a Mission

In January, many of us ponder ‘who am I going to be this year’?  Will I actually eat less and move more, live an organized life in an organized home, and spend my evenings reading life changing essays instead of watching TV?   Probably not … but it’s fun to imagine myself as that person … Read more

December Community Update

On December 4th, Volunteer Strathcona joined WESeniors Active Aging Series to speak to senior community members about volunteer opportunities in Strathcona County. We linked with fellow colleagues from community organizations and made strong connections with new agencies. The volunteerism panel included Erin Wildeboer (Hodge Podge Lodge), Tracy Lockhart (Big Brothers Big Sisters) and Dyan Semple … Read more

Strathcona County Volunteer Spotlight: Tracey Giroux

You’ve probably seen Tracey Giroux volunteering in Strathcona County – when we saw her volunteering at Winterfest, Tracey said she had a day off and figured she may as well help out. That’s the kind of community member Tracey is – happy to help out in the community whenever she can! We decided to ask … Read more