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How You Can Help

  • Teach by example
    Donate to charities, volunteer at your child’s school or for an organization, drop food off at your local food bank. Be kind to others.
  • Get them involved
    Encourage them to volunteer with you or as a family. Suggest that they go through their belongings and pick out items they would like to donate.
  • Support Community Involvement
    Giving back can be as simple as making something for someone who is having a rough time – or walking around your neighborhood picking up trash. Being involved in one’s immediate Neighbourhood or community at large can be the motivational push your child needs to explore further community service opportunities.
  • Encourage them to reach out
    Being kind and treating others with respect creates a solid foundation for all people young and old. Once this is established,  individuals will be more adept in noticing when someone is in need. Support this action by conversation when interest is shown and provide your child with IVC’s website for further information and discussions with the staff on how we can support your child’s interest.
  • Where possible, support inspirational dreams
    Dreams lead to successes