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Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

County youth between grade 5 and 7 have compiled an extensive list of ideas that anyone can do.


Helping Seniors

Help the elderly cross the street
Help the elderly picking up dropped items
Help the elderly opening or holding doors
Help carrying heavy things, or groceries
Help with shoveling sidewalk and driveway

Helping the Less Fortunate

Give money to the poor or homeless
Donate food for the homeless
Donate clothes
Donate money or toys to the less fortunate kids
Donate to people affected by typhoons, cancer, earthquakes, blindness

Helping the Environment

Keep the neighbourhood clean
Clean up garbage in the community and parks
Clean up the neighbours yard

Helping Family & Neighbours

Help shovel snow
Help rake the neighbours leaves
Walk the neighbours dog, or feed the cat
Help look for a lost pet
Help a friend or family member when sick or hurt
Help someone carry their books
Help someone carry in their groceries
Help friends with homework, or taking notes for someone sick
Help someone study

Being Helpful and Kind
Being a Friend

Walk with someone to school
Help your friends carry their books or pick up papers when they drop them
Give a hug or smile to someone who is sad
Listen to what a person is saying
Talk to someone who needs help
Tell jokes to help someone sad feel better
Smile at someone, give them a high five
Talk to someone new, say HI to someone
Help your teacher carry her books
Give someone a nice compliment at least once a day
Hugging your Mom
Smiling or talking to people you usually wouldn’t interact with
Hanging out with someone who is alone
Sitting or offering to sit with someone that is alone
Make a new friend to a lonely kid
Compliment someone to make them feel better
Share your lunch with someone
Hold the door open for someone
Pray for someone close to you if sick and in the hospital
Writing letters to God for someone in need.


Sit with the disabled people at lunch
Help out at the homeless shelter with your parents or guardians
Volunteer at church

Helping out at Home

Help your mom wash the dishes
Do jobs unasked
Help your parents carry in the groceries
Help mom out with the house chores
Clean room when not asked
Help a sister or brother clean their room
You could help your parents work outside
Do your own laundry
Help your sister or brother with homework
Share something if they need it
Help my parents around the house