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Be A Super Hero!

Inspire your children to become volunteer superheroes.

This activity will help teach children about kindness and being socially responsible.   The Superhero Chart makes doing the right thing fun.

How to use the chart:

  • Discuss a variety of volunteer ideas with your children and include random acts of kindness.
  • Print off the Superhero Chart and write the child’s name in the space provided.
  • Each time your child performs an act worthy of a superhero volunteer, place a star in the box provided.
  • When the child reaches 10 stars, he or she will earn a prize! The prizes can range and are completely up to you. A few examples may be
    • choosing what to have for dinner
    • staying up an extra hour on the weekend
    • a special dessert
    • a family walk or bike ride
    • maybe a new toy

Choose what works for your family

Not only will your children learn that it’s important to be kind, but they will have fun seeking out different ways  to perform superhero duties.

Here are some ideas to get you started

Sort the laundry – Wash the dishes – Pick up garbage – Pick up your toys – Walk or brush the dog – Call someone you love  and tell them how much you care about them – Be nice to people – Sing a song for someone just because – Hold the door open for a stranger – Smile at someone and say hello – Draw & color a picture for someone.