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Volunteering for Youth 12 and Under

Volunteering essentially means to help. It doesn’t have to be formal or organized, all you need to do is give someone a hand and you’re volunteering!

This is why you can start “volunteering” so young! Check out some ways you can start helping out below but remember to have a parent or trusted adult with you!:

Helping out at home:

Help carry in groceries

Clean your room without being asked

Help with yard work

Do your own laundry or ask to help with the laundry 

Helping seniors:

Hold the door open for them

Help them carrying things like shopping bags
Shovel their walk for them

Help them cross the street

Helping the environment:

Pick up garbage
Make crafts with friends with recycled items! (click here for ideas!)
Donate old clothes and toys

Collect bottles and donate the proceeds to a charity

Helping friends:

Help with homework
Give them a nice compliment
Walk to school together
Sit with someone at lunch if they look alone