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Fifteen ways to find a new passion:

Ten things to consider before volunteering:

  1. Do I have time for Volunteering?
    It’s important to make sure you have enough time to volunteer for the position you’re interested in. Some opportunities are “one-offs” like a music festival or specific event while others require a certain amount of time every week or month. Be honest with yourself about how much time you have to volunteer between work and/or school.
  2. I have time, but how much? What sort of time commitment am I prepared for?
    There are a variety of time commitments for each opportunity. It’s important to assess what type of commitment you’re able to sign-up for. If you’re new to the world of volunteering, we recommend trying out a one-time assignment or a short-term one to start! That way you can get a feel for volunteering and re-assess your availability and look into a more long-term position.
  3. What will I gain from Volunteer Work?
    On top of giving back to your community, volunteering is a great place to gain information about different networks and social circles that can help you long after you complete your volunteer work. New friends, new connections— new opportunities!
  4. What do I want to learn from the experience?
    You can learn a lot from volunteering; it’s one of its many benefits! You may learn new skills and knowledge to help further your school or work career, or skills for everyday life. Do you want to learn more about office work spaces? There are plenty of opportunities out there for volunteer administration assistants and similar positions that can help strengthen your skills
  5. What are my skills?
    Some volunteer opportunities may ask you to have certain skill-sets. For example, if the opportunity involves working with computers, you may need to have some experience with computers and popular software like Microsoft Word or Excel.
  6. What are my interests?
    People enjoy and are more engaged in activities when they’re passionate about them so try to find an opportunity that suits your personal interests. If you have a love for furry friends, consider volunteering at an animal shelter!
  7. Do I have transportation or can I walk?
    Before taking on a volunteer position, ensure that you have reliable transportation to and from the location whether that’s transit, a parent or family member, or your own vehicle. If the location of the volunteering is in walking distance, that’s even better!
  8. Do I want to volunteer remotely or on site?
    Thanks to technology, there are more and more volunteer opportunities that you can do from home! Are you a social media whiz? Plenty of organizations are looking for help on this front! Volunteering remotely still makes a positive impact but allows you more flexibility.
  9. Do I want to work alone or with a group?
    Some opportunities may require you to work with other volunteers. If you prefer working alone, try to find a position where you are responsible for yourself.
  10. Are there any associated expenses, and if so will I be reimbursed?
    Some volunteer opportunities may require expenses on your part, whether it’s the cost of transportation or the cost of any needed equipment. Before choosing, make sure you know if there are any expenses and if these will be covered or not.