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Volunteer Screening Process

Volunteer organizations often require their volunteers to undergo a screening process. This is a good thing! Screening is one clear indication that the organization you want to volunteer with cares about you, its staff, clients and the community it serves.

One thing to remember is that the amount of screening is usually dictated by the position you will be volunteering at. Less responsibility or contact with vulnerable persons may mean less levels of screening. The more responsibility you have the more levels of screening.

Some things you may expect from a screening process are:

  • Application form: Likely you will be expected to fill out an application form. This will allow you to show your skills, availability and reasons for volunteering.
  • Interview: This will allow the organization to assess your skills, availability and needs further. From there they can determine the opportunity that works the best for you and for them.
  • Police Information Check: Some volunteer organizations will want to do a police information check. This protects you as a volunteer, as well as their staff and clients.
  • Reference check: The organization may ask for relevant references to make sure that your qualifications match their needs.