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Resources for Organizations

Volunteer Strathcona’s Resources

Volunteer Strathcona has many resources we make available to organizations and community groups to make use of. Check out some of these valuable resources.

Media Guide 2017 

A media guide we put together to help organizations and groups promote events and recruit volunteers. Updated version will be up soon!

Grant Connect from Imagine Canada Funding Database

A Funding Database that contains thousands of opportunities for funds for organizations. Volunteer Strathcona makes this available free of charge for local organizations and groups. You just have to call to book an appointment.

We Care so We Share

Volunteer Strathcona has a lot of items that we loan out to organizations and groups free of charge.

Regional, Provincial and National Resources

There are many resources available from capacity building organizations right across the country. If you are looking for something you will most likely find it somewhere already!

The Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement courtesy of Volunteer Canada provides voluntary and not-for-profit organizations with suggested values, principles, and standards for effective volunteer practices within organizations. It also includes the Organization Standards Checklist, which will assist organizations to evaluate and improve their volunteer programs.

Volunteer Alberta

Volunteer Canada

ECVO – Volunteer Edmonton


Volunteer Opportunity Promotion Program

Volunteer Recruitment is the life bread of any community organization and we have many resources to help you be successful at it!
The Volunteer Centre is here to help community organizations…that’s YOU!

Volunteer Strathcona’s Volunteer Opportunities Board

Volunteer Strathcona hosts a volunteer opportunity board embedded right into our website that will show off every one of the Volunteer Opportunities you want to publicize.

Volunteer Newspaper Ads…in the Strathcona Bugle

Volunteer Strathcona is investing in volunteer recruitment! Check out the Strathcona Bugle for selection of opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities Listings…in the community

Volunteer Strathcona keeps an all-inclusive listing that highlights your Volunteer Opportunities and its contact information. This listing is put out to a variety of community venues, most notably Strathcona County library.

Resident Information & Referrals

Volunteer Strathcona provides referrals and information to residents about the volunteer opportunities at your organization as well as special events you may be hosting.

Call or drop by and let’s see what we can help you with or what we can do together!