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Volunteer Strathcona has partnered with several organizations to bring services and volunteer opportunities for seniors.


Do you struggle with maintaining your walkways and driveway during the winter? Check out Volunteer Strathcona’s SnowBusters project where we match eligible residents with volunteers to help with snow removal.


Linking Generations

Linking Generations provides mentored and structured visits aimed at building relationships between seniors and youth in our community. The program brings the generations together so they can share their knowledge and life experiences, and encourages volunteering and social responsibility in youth.

Linking Generations

Chef’s Choice Frozen Meals

Learn more about Chef’s Choice Frozen Meals, produced by Meals on Wheels Edmonton here:

Frozen Meals Information

Drive Happiness

We partnered with Drive Happiness to bring their Seniors Assisted Transportation program to Strathcona County. It is a safe, cost-effective, and reliable way for seniors to get from A to B whether that be medical appointments, family visits, or grocery shopping. This program is always recruiting volunteer drivers so if you don’t need assistance getting around, it is a great opportunity to volunteer on your own time.

Seniors Assisted Transportation