Drive Happiness Seniors Assisted Transportation

Personal mobility, the ability to travel from place to place, is an important component of independence and full participation in society.  A senior’s ability to maintain independence is reliant in part on having access to the goods and services and social contact necessary to a quality of life.

Drive Happiness Seniors Association is a registered, non-profit society whose purpose is to assist seniors residing in Edmonton – and now Strathcona County – to maintain an independent lifestyle that enables them to remain in their own homes for as long as possible.  Drive Happiness does this by providing seniors with a Seniors Assisted Transportation Program. 

Through this program, Drive Happiness is able to provide low cost transportation to eligible seniors through the utilization of volunteer drivers, who donate their time and receive a small compensation for assistance with the cost of fuel.

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Interested in become a volunteer driver to help seniors get to where they need to be?

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